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In the dynamic and precision-driven world of laboratories, ensuring the safe and reliable delivery of specialized gases is paramount. At Laboratory Gas Piping, we understand the critical role that gas piping plays an important role in scientific research, quality control, and industrial processes. Therefore, our commitment is to provide cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique needs of laboratory environments.

How to Select the Right Regulator for Your Needs: This guide is aimed at providing our customers with valuable insights into gas pressure regulators. When it comes to choosing the ideal regulator for a specific application, it's crucial to define the requirements comprehensively. This entails not only considering the desired pressure levels but also factoring in the flow rate, gas/liquid composition, and temperature. A well-informed selection is essential to prevent unfavorable outcomes such as droop, creep, inadequate pressure control, and gas stream contamination.

Once you've determined the appropriate type of regulator for your application, it's important to pay attention to the materials of construction (MOC). Even though the same regulator model may be used, it can be customized with various materials for critical components like diaphragms and poppet seats to ensure long-term safe and effective operation.

High-pressure gas regulators typically come in two primary categories: Single Stage and Two Stages. These options cater to different requirements and applications, and the choice between them should be based on your specific needs.

Single-Stage and Two-Stage Gas Pressure Regulators: In the market, you will find two fundamental types of gas pressure regulators - single-stage and two-stage industrial gas regulators. The choice between these two options depends on the variability in the inlet pressure supply, and it is primarily dictated by the regulator's response to changes in high-pressure supply, known as the supply pressure effect (SPE). In a nutshell, single-stage regulators are well-suited for most applications in which the inlet pressure remains relatively constant. However, when the high-pressure supply experiences significant fluctuations, a two-stage regulator with a low SPE becomes the preferred choice. It offers the most stable and dependable low-pressure delivery under such conditions.

Single stage gas pressure regulator
Single stage gas pressure regulator

Specialized solutions to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of gases essential for scientific experiments and processes.


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